Kirin 2

Asian Cuisine and Sushi

Nestled away in South Tulsa on the north east corner of 81st and Mingo, Kirin serves delicious Asian Cuisine and Sushi. The plates are a delight to the eye as well as the palate as each one has been carefully crafted to perfection. Kirin offers a wide array of appetizers from egg rolls to chicken lettuce wraps. They serve traditional to more Americanized entrees and sushi with the freshest of ingredients along with home-made sauces.

Kirin’s Chef Daniel has always had an obsession with high quality foods which lead him to his love of making Sushi. Inspired by the Masters of sushi who have come before him, he works diligently to make sure that every aspect of his sushi is perfect. Every morning he starts off with two hours just to make rice and then inspects the fish for the day. He concludes with making his own sauces to complement his creations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his Dynamite roll. This roll is made to show off the balance of ingredients, every flavor unique throughout the roll and yet coming together for a perfect experience. 

Sushi is about more 
than just selecting the best fish. Sushi is about balance, about creating 
an experience.

Kirin’s Dynamite Roll


+ Bamboo Rolling Mat

1 sheet of Nori

+ 2/3 cup of sushi rice

2 .5 cm slices of eel

+ 4-5 pieces of thick sliced cucumber

1 tablespoon of tempura crunch

+ 2 pieces of sliced avocado

2 pieces of cream cheese 

2  .5 cm slices of salmon

2  .5 cm slices of tuna

1 tablespoon of spicy crab salad

+ Eel sauce


1. Bake eel for 1 minute at 450 degrees.

2. Spread the sushi rice evenly across the sheet of Nori.

3. Flip the nori over onto the bamboo rolling mat so the rice is face down in order to make an inside out roll.

4. Place eel, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and crunch on the Nori sheet

5. Use the bamboo rolling mat to create your roll. You should end up with the rice on the outside in order to hold the fish in place. 

6. Place salmon and tuna slices across the top of the roll with spicy crab salad in-between. 

7. Cut the roll into 8 pieces (use Saran wrap to hold the fish on top if you need to).

8. Top with eel sauce