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Charles Nichols Provides Storm Proof Roofing To Tulsa

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North East Oklahoma

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Mother Nature can throw some ugly stuff at Oklahoma. She throws hale, lightning bolts, high winds and heavy rains down on us surface dwellers. Through the years these natural tantrums have caused extensive damage to homes and businesses. And though we can’t stop nature, we can find ways of protecting ourselves and our property from them. Fortunately one man has made this his mission with his business NichTech Roofing.

Unlike many roofers who only focus on asphalt roofing shingles used on traditional homes, owner Charles Nichols sought out a better method of protection for his clients. He uses a unique system of roofing which uses stone coated steel roofs. These do not resemble metal ones but instead looks reminiscent of creative styles used through the ages. These roofs will not rust, they lower utility bills, stormproof your home and last a lifetime.

“We specialize in stormproof roofing people’s homes. This means roofs can withstand 130 mph winds and baseball size hail. Plus it won’t burn and is very energy efficient,” Nichols said. In other words, the big bad wolf of weather has to huff and puff a lot harder to blow away a NichTech roof.

“I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had who have had to replace roofs because of hail. I wanted to offer people an alternative. It is about double the cost of a traditional roof, but it’s also the last time you have to do it,” Nichols said. In addition to saving on energy costs, many insurance companies give discounts on homeowner policies.

The metal roofing systems that NichTech installs are well respected as leading the industry in terms of beauty and functionality. In ten years of installations, they have a five star rating with all consumer reporting agencies.

NichTech does all types of roofing; traditional asphalt type roofs or the stormproof roofs, NichTech can accommodate any needs with a variety of options. In addition, most roofs are installed in one day.

The stormproof roofs are set on a patented system which improves energy efficiency. One mid-town client reported a five dollar per day decrease in his utility bill after the installation of the new stormproof roof.

Due to the virtual indestructibility of these stormproof roofs, insurance companies offer up to 22 percent discounts on home owner policies meaning the roofs can pay for themselves in approximately ten years and never need replacing.