Custom Fit Service & Satisfaction

If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, well you should have gone to Kicks for Kids where they custom measure the shoes for every child.

For over seven years, owner Amy James has been providing quality shoes for children in Tulsa at their location 81st & Harvard in the Walnut Creek Shopping Center.

“We are the only store left in town that specializes in children’s shoes,” James said. There is a clothing store which carries children’s shoes, but they are not specializing as we do with custom fit she said.

The store carries a wide variety of shoes including athletic shoes like Nike and New Balance plus dress shoes, cowboy boots, flip-flops, baby shoes and crib shoes among others. She explained that the store carries shoes across the board to fit any needs for children from pre-walkers to youth size seven.

James explained that in recent years many parents have gone to purchasing shoes online and that this is problematic because those shoes are not custom fit. It’s a gamble each time one buys online. Then if the shoes don’t fit or are just simply uncomfortable, then those people get caught up in the return game, which is rarely an enjoyable game that consumers win.

Although she understands the value of saving a few dollars on purchases, there are other things to consider even if supporting local businesses is not one of them. For example, the shoes one purchases for children online may not fit well because the child’s feet have not been measured for a proper fit. Since children’s feet are in a continual development stage, there is a good chance that the shoes bought online may not fit comfortably, she said. Since brands may be designed slightly different, it is beneficial for the child to have the option of trying on several different shoes to ensure that comfort is achieved before leaving the store. This is why she measures each child’s feet at her store.

To help combat the online shoe market, Kicks for Kids always has clearance shoes to offer great prices and only sell at the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices to ensure that their prices are the same as any other retail store. In addition, the store carries all the shoes required for private schools. In fact, they have something for every child as back to school season approaches.