December in Tulsa is special. It’s the beginning of winter and a month full of celebrations with the sharing of gifts. It’s also the month we look back fondly over the past year and kiss the memories of yesterday goodbye in preparation for the new year.

In anticipation of Christmas, many parents take their holiday-dressed children to see Santa Claus at his Tulsa outpost in Utica Square. This year will be no different. But, take notice … the lines get longer later in the month and the weather gets colder, so I recommend visiting Santa early. If you do end up waiting in a long line, you can make the wait festive with hot cocoa, coffee and cookies from Starbucks and Queenies which are located just steps away from Santa’s house.

If marching bands, floats and prancing horses are more your style, the 93rd annual Tulsa Christmas Parade will be held downtown in the Cathedral District, Saturday, December 14 at 1 p.m. It starts at First Presbyterian Church at 7th and Boston Avenue and travels north to the Performing Arts Center looping around to finish at 4th and Boulder. The parade is a Tulsa tradition since 1926.

For more sparkling lights and an extremely festive atmosphere, visiting Roosevelt’s Gastropub on Cherry Street is a holiday must with more than 50,000 Christmas ornaments and 25,000 icicles filling the restaurant, bar and patio. I went there twice last year and it was magical.

In this month of celebration and tradition, Tulsa Lifestyle honors the Tulsa Ballet and its 50th anniversary of performing “The Nutcracker.” Over the years, the production has featured many Tulsans in the cast as dancers, mice, toy soldiers, dolls, angels and more. To attend this holiday tradition, “The Nutcracker” is performed at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center through December 22. It’s an enchanting experience and will set your spirit right for the holidays.

With Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, we provide you with very special gift ideas for men, women and children. But, we go one step further. Have you ever been stuck figuring out what to bring to the hostess of the party you’re attending? We give you some ideas so that you can be the toast of the party. And, finally, we focus on the gift of travel for family and friends. So many people forgo exploration due to mobility or disability issues. In this issue, we bring you an array of travel destinations and methods so that all your loved ones may see the world.

We wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. And, may your new year be full of happiness.


Louann Buhlinger



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Tulsa Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”