Seeing your way clear to achieving new goals in 2020 1

Five, four, three, two, one … go! It’s a new year. As we begin 2020, some of us may be setting goals for what we want our future selves to feel and look like. January is a time to cleanse, start fresh and create a plan for the year.  

In the process of setting goals, we should remember to extend ourselves a little grace in the process. Cutting ourselves a break when looking back will help us set achievable goals that are fun. And, if the tasks we set to achieve our goals are fun, we will do them!

Sometimes kicking off resolutions is difficult. Using Mel Robbins’ Five Second Rule to get up and go may help. Simply state what you want to do, count down, and then get up and do it. It sounds simple but it works more times than not and Mel includes tips on her site at

At Tulsa Lifestyle, we are celebrating being a part of the community for eight years. We love sharing your stories and writing about what is special in the city. This issue includes stories about fitness and wellness including workouts for every mood, Latin dancing for body and mind, and tips from a wellness warrior who has overcome health challenges. These stories are engaging and motivating.

Happy New Year, Tulsa. Thank you for being a part of our story.


Louann Buhlinger




On the cover:

Latin dancer and Baila Tulsa founder/director, Jahaziel “Jazi” Hiriart. Photography by Michael McRuiz.