Pet Anesthesia Safety

Dr. McNamara graduated from Oklahoma State University Veterinary School in 1996 and began working for the Animal Emergency Center in Tulsa in the spring of 1997. He has served as the medical director since 1999. Dr. McNamara enjoys all aspects of emergency and critical care medicine, but has a special love for trauma related surgery. He is an active member…

Fur Balls ‘n Fundraisers

What do you think of when you hear the word “furball?” As a youth, I have memories of the hack….cough…choke….and then a “furball” left for us by our family kitty cat. As an adult, I hear the word “Fur Ball” and with excitement, anticipate one of Tulsa’s most unique and imaginative fund-raising events.

Unwanted Dogs Take Flight

Oklahoma animal shelters have an ongoing problem -- they’re overwhelmed with the volume of pets coming in. There’s so many rescued from abusive situations or abandoned by owners, some shelters regularly resort to putting them down, even though they could be great companions for someone.