Cookies to make at home with the kids

Get ready to have fun with the kids while making these cute, custom-designed sugar cookies with candy decorations.

Tis’ The Season to be You

I remember the anticipation on Christmas Eve for the excitement that was sure to come the following morning. There was an immeasurable amount of excitement with exclamations of joy and laughter as my siblings and I shredded wrapping paper tossing it about the room without a care where it landed. My father would then mill about the room shoving wrapping…

good tools make gardening fun

There is nothing like digging in the dirt, planting seeds and watching your garden grow. Whether it’s a rock garden with wispy green ferns and wild flowers or a vegetable garden, when you’re ready to work in the garden, you want your tools to work. We researched some tools that gardeners recommend to make tending the garden a little easier.…

Chocolate Hop at the Candy Shop

Things really get hoppin’ this time of year at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Tulsa. 
It’s when bunnies abound.

Made in Oklahoma

I love Oklahoma. I was raised in Tulsa and returned after graduate school to this beautiful state. I was made in Oklahoma and I’m going to raise my children here. I find it humorous when I visit the coasts and I tell people that I’m from Tulsa. There’s a mix of exclamation and surprise in their response, “Oklahoma?!” Apparently they’re…

Holland Hall Coaches Promote the Value of an Active Lifestyle

Tulsa’s Holland Hall School knows there’s much more to a good education than academics – and it involves staying active.


As the bright and sparkling sunny days of summer transition into the cool and colorful days of fall, I look forward to getting ready for the holidays. One of stops is the annual Cascia Christmas Walk - a tour of four homes in Midtown Tulsa decorated for the holidays by local florists and designers.

It Makes Me A Jolly Good Fellow

Every year as the first twinge of Autumn slides in off the back of summer, that cool brisk air brings about a buzz of memories. Actually, now that I think about, it’s the buzz that I remember most from those early Fall evenings of my youth. And yes…I am talking about the buzz that beer lovers know all too well.…

Closet Therapy

I love fashion magazines. I enjoy their beautiful shiny covers, reading the Paris runway reports and learning about new makeup techniques. It’s all quite entertaining. But in the fall, Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar kick it into high gear with the latest fashion trends and must-have accessories for the season. The magazines are heavy with girlish goodies and the urge…

Edible Adventurers: Adult Education Made Fun!

Desiring to learn new cooking techniques, I enrolled in Platt College’s Edible Adventures, a one-night, adult cooking class. They offer a variety of classes such as Chocolatogy, Louisiana Cuisine, and French Cooking Made Easy, along with themes such as Girls Night Out and Date Night.

A Slice of Tropical Paradise

Much more than your average casino, River Spirit is a tropical flavored destination resort that, with a little help from Jimmy Buffett’s famed Margaritaville, brings a little slice of paradise to Tulsa. The addition of this new resort means River Spirit has two casinos in one, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and décor.


I spent the weekend watching the NBA playoffs and home improvement shows. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not. It was rainy and cold, well into April. I’ve recently changed careers and haven't had much time to myself so I was selfish. And it felt really good. I’ve also recently taken up another hobby – sunglasses. Sunglasses used…

Blue What?

I celebrated my birthday and it’s great having adult kids. You receive the best presents. First I received a pretty envelope and in the birthday card, wrapped up in tissue paper was a beautiful bracelet. On the card it says “Oscar made this in Mexico. It reminded me of you.” I loved the bracelet and yes, it was me. I…

Who Are You?

When will you be hopping by Tulsa? Early in the morning when the dew is fresh. I love to see how it makes the flowers sparkle when the sun comes up.

The Benefits of Honey

Honey is great for your skin! Did you know that raw organic honey is great for your skin too? Honey has natural antibacterial properties, so it is an effective acne treatment option, and it is loaded with antioxidants and enzymes, so it helps boost your skin’s immunity and fights free radicals to help slow down aging.

Hops in the Kitchen

Stout Chocolate Brownies

Who Are You?

What time will you be in Tulsa? Sometime after midnight. I always wave at the Golden Driller when I fly by.

A More Rested You for the Holidays

Dr. Davis, owner of Perfect Smile Tulsa, has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa for over thirty years. After receiving his Doctorate in 1982 from the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Davis spent 16 years practicing at an office in Utica Square before opening his current office on 53rd and Lewis. Dr. Davis and his wife Marianne have 3…

Click for Babies

School has begun and what a perfect time to spread the word and educate everyone about the Period of PURPLE Crying and to help prevent infant abuse. Each and every day, infants across North America are shaken and abused because the person caring for them becomes frustrated with their crying. Many times the abuse could have been prevented had the…

Fall Fashion Eyewear Forecast

As the weather turns cool and the leaves begin to change color, we are excited to share emerging fashion eyewear trends you can expect to see.

Spend the Summer Reading

I remember spending the summers at my grandparents' cabin on the lake in Maine. I would choose a classic novel from their bookcase with the goal of finishing it before the week was out. Cuddling up with a book like Moby Dick made my imagination go wild wondering if there were any white whales in our lake. The cabin didn't…

Tricks for Tackling Food Cravings

If your diet’s been derailed by a sudden desire for chips or hankering for a hamburger, you’re not alone. According to Cheryl Forberg, RD, nutritionist for “The Biggest Loser” and author of “A Small Guide to Losing Big,” cravings are one of the biggest diet downfalls and something that affects everyone. Studies by Tufts University and the Monell Chemical Senses…

Burnt Toast for Dad

An English proverb says, "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters." I couldn't agree more. My father was tall with wavy dark brown hair, steel blue eyes, and spoke with a Maine accent despite living in Oklahoma most of his adult life. Thanks to him, I know how to ride a motorcycle, start a campfire, and make the best…

Tulsa Roughnecks FC

Season two of Tulsa's Premier Professional Soccer Team is in full swing at ONEOK Field. From spectacular firework displays to enticing promotions like jersey and flag giveaways, the Tulsa Roughnecks FC has a lot in store for their second year.

You CAN Help Children

One in 14 children in Tulsa County was involved in a child abuse investigation last year. This number is startling but true. The Child Abuse Network’s (CAN) professionals and volunteers believe there is hope for every child. Staff members work with each child, one at a time, to ease the pain, stop the hurt and begin the healing process.

Music All Week Long

Tulsans are fortunate to have so many remarkable music venues. From area festivals like Rocklahoma and Bixby Blues & BBQ, to major venues such Cain's Ballroom and the Performing Arts Center. Then there is a host of local pubs and restaurants with live music like R Bar on Brookside, Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant in Jenks, and The Patio at Soul…

Love Is In The Air

Who knew boarding a simple airplane 23 years ago in my blue sweat suit (think ‘80s wear) would change my entire life? Certainly not me, or I might have dressed a bit snappier and put on a smidge of makeup and perfume. But, I had reached that elusive place of peace in my quickly-nearing-explosion biological countdown when I figured if…

Parent Child Center of Tulsa Toyland Ball 2016

Toyland Ball guests will be transported to Paris this year with Toyland Ball’s theme, “Le Ballon Rouge.” Toyland Ball is the signature event of The Parent Child Center. Longtime volunteer and board member, Jennifer Legler, will be given the Guardian Angel award honoring her for the difference she has made in The Parent Child Center’s mission to prevent child abuse…

Growing Older, But Not Up

My New Year’s resolution is to act more like a 5-year-old. I got the idea from my daughters. They laugh a lot. They sing often and loudly. They spontaneously break into dance. They cry and sob and throw occasional tantrums, and then a few minutes later they’re laughing again. They don’t hang onto yesterday or worry too much about next…

Butternut Squash & Sage Soup

In a braiser or large stock pot, sauté the carrots, celery, onion, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar until the vegetables are softened, about 15 minutes over med high heat. Do not let the veggies brown. Add the apple juice and simmer until the liquid has reduced to a thick syrup. Add the squash, salt and pepper and sage. Cook…

Mulling Over the Wine Reviews

I was a weary shopper looking for a simple Riesling when my innocent eyes fell upon this:

i live next door to what’s-his-name

This month is our street’s annual block party. What shall we bring? Something meatless, of course. Fortunately there are other vegetarians on our street, so we don’t feel like complete odd balls. But the only way we found that out was by attending a previous block party. That’s where we found out that we have Presbyterians and Libertarians and a…

The Boys of Summer

I love baseball – not the major league stuff with all of the hoopla, I mean the teenage-level, (not even 3&2) real baseball on real grass. There really are differences, and I'm not talking about the fact that no one walks by my fold-out chair with a hot dog, peanuts and a cold beer.

Birds on a Wire

One of my dear friends is a painter who sees the world through her amazing artist eyes. When she was the newbie in our neighborhood, her heart was sensitive to how to integrate her family into the community. Driving one day she noticed how birds perched on a wire seemed to choose when to gather, and who to pause with.…