Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Wanting a change in your kitchen, but not sure where to start? The keen eye of an interior designer can help you discover ways to update your kitchen if you are unsure about moving forward with a full remodel. Into DIY? You can save money on the labor while working with a designer to give you tips to maximize your spaces' potential. …

Living More Outdoors

 Article Kelly Brown | Photography Kelly Brown/Elly Photography  Creating the perfect space for backyard fun always starts with a basic question, says Tom’s Outdoor Living project manager Eric Hightower.  How do you want to use it?

Making a Splash

It wasn’t long ago that the Thornton YMCA in Tulsa, Oklahoma wasn’t much to look at. Built in 1968, adjacent to a large county park located in the heart of residential Tulsa, the Thornton YMCA was once a thriving family fitness center. However, the many years of use and the changing nature of both fitness and family recreation over the…

Renovating Tulsa’s 

Tulsa has always been a haven for amazing architects, designers, and builders. You will find many famous names lining the halls of museums; the namesakes of buildings that stand as relics of their accolades. Most want their name first and their work showcased second. Alex Palmer, however, considers himself one of the silent majority; someone who wants his quality, custom…

Kitchen Remodeling

The pressures of kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming combined with the fact that it is one of the most challenging and expensive renovation projects a homeowner can tackle. But with good planning and partnering with an experienced designer and craftsmen can take away the worry and fears to come up with a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Just Storm-Proof It

Not just for barns any longer, today's metal roofs are more attractive than ever. They have lost their “barnyard” image and now sport a host of colors, finishes, and profiles and are much more compatible with the architectural styles of today’s home exteriors. A durable and energy-efficient alternative to shingles, metal roofs are enjoying a new found popularity.