Angels on our shoulders.

My mother-in-law always said pets are "angels on our shoulders." I remember the first day my husband and I were introduced to Charlie Brown. We had just gotten married and moved into our new home. We are both huge animal lovers and we had both wanted to rescue a pit bull.

Mike Fretz Event Center Opening

The Home Builders Association of Tulsa recently celebrated the Grand Re-Opening of the newly renovated Mike Fretz Event Center.

September 2015 Around Town

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be returning to Tulsa for an Oct. 13 preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks. This year’s game will mark the seventh time the team has visited Tulsa for an exhibition game.

Where to Start When Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Homeowners visiting our showroom for the first time are always asking the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW of kitchen and bathroom remodeling and the steps involved in getting started. I always initiate the conversation by asking my own set of questions to get the thought process started, and then I listen, listen, listen…..


Donna Brollier has it all: A beautiful family, a famous son and a successful business. For 17 years, Brollier has owned and operated Donna’s Fashions in south Tulsa. Her store offers Tommy Bahama and all the latest fashion trends.

Pets: The Angels on Our Shoulders

While meeting a new group of friends, I was asked “If you won the lottery, what would you do?” People sometimes respond with traveling the world, buying an island or retiring. My response is always to buy land for rescued animals.

Heroes Saving Animals Lives

Animals are introduced to us at an incredibly young age. In the beginning of our existence, we are automatically informed that we share this world with more than ourselves.

Thinking About Retiring Early?

While many retirees have to stop working earlier than they’d planned due to health or employer issues, an early retirement continues to be a longstanding dream for many people. The upside of early retirement is easy to understand – more time to pursue your interests, and to do so while you are still in good health. The downside risk centers…

The Day in the Life of a Dog

Several dogs have been offering their community love and care. In this feature, we are spotlighting three wonderful dogs.