Back to Nature

Spring is in the air and the outdoors beckons us to enjoy all that nature has to offer. The warmth of the sun encourages new plantings to sprout, mama birds are teaching their young to fly and we are encouraged to plant flowers, take walks, or adventurously take a road trip to visit a land of the unknown.  The April…

Life’s Puttin’ on the Dog

Life Senior Services celebrated 20 years of Puttin' on the Dog. The Platinum Party, was held February 11th at the Cox Business Center. More than 400 friends and supporters of LIFE Senior Services attended the event.

Tulsa Memory Gala March 26th

The Tulsa Memory Gala mixes elegance and fun with philanthropy and passion. It is a chance to connect community leaders and philanthropists to those directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Around Town

Bixby North Elementary PTA will host its second annual Spartan Craft Market to benefit Bixby North Elementary on Saturday, April 2 from 9 am to 4 pm at Bixby North Elementary gym. The Bixby Agora craft market will host more than 50 vendors. Vendors are coming from around the Bixby and Tulsa area to set up and sell everything from…

Wink Optique

For more than 22 years, Dr. DJ Riner has provided the highest quality vision care to patients in Tulsa. After working as an associate and partner in private optometry practices for 10 years, Riner Eyecare was launched in 2004 at 31st & Mingo. Dr. Riner recently expanded his practice by opening a second location, Wink Optique, located at 101st &…

Fresh Greens for Your Table

This eliminates the use of traditional fertilizers such as animal manure which has been identified as a source of E. coli and other diseases. The way aeroponics works is that plants are cultivated in vertical growing towers and their roots are fed with a nutrient rich water solution that circulates through the system. Because of this process, food crops grow…

The Only Country in Town

After over 40 years, The Farm Shopping Center continues to bring Tulsan’s a unique group of stores to make their shopping and dining experience unlike any other. This family owned shopping center has a lot of history behind it. Its current owner, Patricia McCune Clark, is the daughter of architect M. Murray McCune who built The Farm in 1971. One…

Backwoods Takes You Back to Nature

TL: Is there a reason the business was started? Richard: The founder was unable to find the equipment he needed for his outdoor adventure trips in one convenient place and realized that many would feel the same so he started a business to address those needs.

Theraganics – Natural Soaps and Skin Care

TL: Is the business locally owned? Jennifer: Theraganics is a unique business that is locally owned and operated. TL: Who are the owners? Jennifer: Born and raised Tulsa area sisters Stephanie Roudabush & Jennifer Roudabush.

You CAN Help Children

One in 14 children in Tulsa County was involved in a child abuse investigation last year. This number is startling but true. The Child Abuse Network’s (CAN) professionals and volunteers believe there is hope for every child. Staff members work with each child, one at a time, to ease the pain, stop the hurt and begin the healing process.