Fall is always an exciting time in Tulsa as the weather cools down and the outdoors beckons us with football games, cool breezes, pumpkin patches and Oktoberfest. Memories are made when you embrace the events going on around town. Looking back it was always a big deal to load up the van and take the kids to pick out their…

Painting Memories

The Painted Lyon and Gifted Custom Art combined forces to raise money for The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Broken Arrow. The Painted Lyon, a paint and sip studio, is located at 307 S Main St in Broken Arrow. Gifted Custom Art uses cutting edge technology to transform photos into custom paint-by-number canvases. The studio was packed with…

October 2016 Around Town

A comedy charity show to benefit shelter dogs in Oklahoma. Tulsa rescue, Single Dog Seeking and Oklahoma rescue, Fetch Fido A Flight have partnered with The Loony Bin comedy club to bring you "Comedy to the Rescue" on October 5th at 6:30. Both rescues save animals from the shelters to prevent euthanasia. All of the proceeds go directly to the…

Booming Breweries

What’s a growler? A familiar sight at many breweries are the dark-brown glass jugs known as growlers. Though there’s conflicting reports of how growlers became a tradition, one oft-repeated possibility suggests the name came from the sound of carbonation escaping the lid.

Full Service for Four Seasons

Tom’s Outdoor Living is not your average lawn service. There is a reason their customers are proud to say, “I’m with Tom.” Keeping our outdoor spaces looking beautiful can be extremely time consuming. Tom’s offers total outdoor home or business maintenance, throughout all four seasons. Whether your space includes a pond, irrigation, or lighting, they take the headache out of…

Visions of Toys and Chocolate

Ryan McAdams and his father, Dan McAdams went into business together when they opened their Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise at 101st Street and Sheridan Road in 2010. Though Dan McAdams passed away in 2014, Ryan McAdams still credits him with the inspiration to open up Tulsa Toy Depot the next year.

Wunderbar Oktoberfest Tulsa

With the arrival of October’s clean, crisp breezes, you know it’s time to dust of your Tyrolean hat and dance your way over to Tulsa’s Linde Oktoberfest. This event attracts more than 55,000 visitors in four days. In fact, the festival is ranked as a Top 10 Oktoberfest in the US by USAToday.

Fur Balls ‘n Fundraisers

What do you think of when you hear the word “furball?” As a youth, I have memories of the hack….cough…choke….and then a “furball” left for us by our family kitty cat. As an adult, I hear the word “Fur Ball” and with excitement, anticipate one of Tulsa’s most unique and imaginative fund-raising events.

Click for Babies

School has begun and what a perfect time to spread the word and educate everyone about the Period of PURPLE Crying and to help prevent infant abuse. Each and every day, infants across North America are shaken and abused because the person caring for them becomes frustrated with their crying. Many times the abuse could have been prevented had the…