Blue Sky Bank Partners with the Salvation Army and the Tulsa Air National Guard to Deliver Christmas Gifts to Area Children

Gentner Drummond, principal owner of Blue Sky Bank and a former fighter pilot says, “I know it’s a special treat for the children and their families; but speaking on behalf of everyone at Blue Sky, we feel very blessed to be able to join with the Salvation Army and the Air National Guard to help make this event happen.”

November AWARE (Alliance of Women for Alzheimer’s Research and Education) Luncheon

Over 300 women gathered to learn more about Alzheimer's and services available through the Alzheimer's Association. Dayna Steele was the guest speaker; she lost her mother to Alzheimer's. Dayna chronicled their journey in her book, "Surviving Alzheimer's with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine". For future women's events, contact Diane Powell at 918.392.5002 or

The Facts of Love

Is falling in love based upon chance or is there a science to it? Research suggests that people at the same level of attractiveness are more likely to end up together. This theory, known as the Matching Hypothesis, says that people are more attracted to those that are equally socially desirable.

February 2017 Around Town

Blue Sky Bank is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new branch, located in downtown Tulsa’s latest shopping destination, the Boxyard. The Boxyard, located at the corner of 3rd and Franklin, is constructed out of 39 repurposed shipping containers and features attractions such as restaurants, bars, clothing stores, and a coffee shop.

6th Annual Oysters & Ale

Hospice of Green Country is the area’s only United Way supported, multi-cultural, multi-faith, non-profit hospice with its headquarters in Tulsa. In a 50-mile radius around Tulsa, it serves the counties of Creek, Mayes, Nowata, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Rogers, Tulsa, Wagoner, and southern Washington. Hospice of Green Country is the only hospice in the Tulsa area with staff committed to providing…

Tulsa Violin Shop

When walking through the doors of Tulsa Violin shop you are immediately transported to another world full of warmly-hued maple and spruce stringed instruments. Basses and cellos are positioned in line like dutiful soldiers while violins and violas hang en masse from the ceiling. And, one-of-a-kind bows hang in the window just waiting for a musician to come in and…

Advancements with a Traditional Touch

Mark D. Tiernan, D.M.D., discovered a surprising passion for dentistry at an early age. He grew up in the small town of Noblesville, Indiana, where word of people’s achievements spread quickly through the community. AAA sponsored a contest that challenged students to create posters illustrating safety, and Tiernan won while he was in second grade. By the time he was…

Honey Farming & Bee Ranching

Five years ago, Michael Roark, Jr., was working as a project manager and bartender when he decided to make a change in his life. Ever the entrepreneur, Michael decided to become a honey farmer several years later and soon the rest of the family joined in creating Roark Acres Honey Farms.

Celebrating Beethoven with Chamber Music Tulsa

Tucked away in an English Tudor mansion, south of downtown on Main, is an arts group that may not be on your radar, but should be. Chamber Music Tulsa has tilted the tipping point of artistic success its way due to more than six decades of dedication and stellar programming. Chamber musicians from Tokyo to Tel Aviv know Tulsa well.…

Sweet Obsession

Every second, Americans collectively eat 100 pounds of chocolate. It accounts for more than $20 billion in U.S. sales each year and is the number gift given to lovers on Valentine's Day. It's no coincidence that eating chocolate is completely and utterly enjoyable. The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation. The delightful "snap" of a piece…

The Benefits of Honey

Honey is great for your skin! Did you know that raw organic honey is great for your skin too? Honey has natural antibacterial properties, so it is an effective acne treatment option, and it is loaded with antioxidants and enzymes, so it helps boost your skin’s immunity and fights free radicals to help slow down aging.